Personal Asset Protection

SensorSays allows you to automatically monitor areas in your home, or on your property, where valuable items are stored or access needs to be monitored for power outages, water leaks, intrusions and mechanical failures.* This includes man caves, home theaters, rooms below grade, storage sheds, barns, and any other location that contains valuable items. Receive automatic, instantaneous text message notifications whenever a fault condition is detected by an attached sensor.

  • Receive notification that the temperature in the area has fallen below 45˚ F, creating the potential for frozen and burst pipes. This can be an indication that the furnace or other heating device has shut down or malfunctioned.
  • Receive notification that the temperature is too high, indicating a possible fire or other emergency situation
  • Receive a text if the power to the cellular control unit goes off, indicating a power outage. Another text can be sent when the power comes back on.
  • Add proximity switches that act as motion sensors so that SensorSays can alert you when a door or window is opened and there may be unauthorized access to an area.
  • Use a small conductivity sensor to monitor for the presence of a thin film of water or other conductive liquid on the floor, under a sink, near an appliance or in other areas of risk, indicating a plumbing leak, foundation crack or potential flooding.
  • Place a float switch in a sump basin or overflow tank and/or the conductivity sensor on the floor next to a drain or appliance to be alerted of any critical sump or water/fluid tank levels. Removing water from your sump basin is critical to keeping your basement dry – SensorSays will provide immediate notification with an automatic text message if the basin is at risk of overflow.

* 110V AC electrical outlet required for cellular control unit to operate.

Additional cellular service is required and is available through the Verizon network for nationwide U.S. coverage.
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