Home Monitoring & Cabin Protection

Home Monitoring & Cabin ProtectionSensorSays allows you to monitor your home, cabin or remote asset 24/7 when you can’t be there.  Whether you use the provided sensors or connect to discrete sensors of your choice, SensorSays can monitor different conditions and provide a unique text message for each the moment a sensor is activated.  Have piece of mind and think of it as your personal property manager, who will notify you, a neighbor or others before major damage occurs!

  • Receive notification if the temperature in the cabin has fallen below 45˚ F or any other set temperature, leaving you at risk for frozen and burst pipes. This may be an indication that the furnace has shut down, run out of fuel or malfunctioned.
  • SensorSays will send a notification if there is a power outage and will continue to send notifications on the battery backup for approximately 3 days.  The unit will also notify you once power has been restored at the property.
  • Add proximity switches to doors or windows, or motion sensors, so that SensorSays can alert you when a door or window is opened or if there has been an unauthorized access to your cabin.
  • Use the small conductivity sensor to monitor for the presence of a thin film water leaks before flooding occurs, or monitor for other conductive liquids on the floor, under a sink, next to an appliance or in other strategic locations, indicating a plumbing leak, foundation crack or potential flooding.
  • Place a float switch in a sump basin or overflow tank to be alerted of when there is a sump pump failure before costly damage is done.  Monitor your water system/fluid tank levels with the float switch, to avoid running out of stored water or critical fluids.

Additional cellular service is required and is available through the Verizon network for nationwide U.S. coverage.
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