Home Delivery and Automated Service

Home Delivery and Automated ServiceUsed in conjunction with liquid level switches and other basic off-the-shelf sensors, SensorSays can take the guesswork out of oil delivery scheduling and streamline heating and cooling system service calls.

  • Automatically notify the oil delivery company via text message when the level in the tank is low or if a refill is needed.
  • Send a text notification to a property owner, and others, once a delivery has been made and the tank is again full.
  • Any standard,  off-the-shelf switch can be connected to SensorSays to make it easy for property owners to trigger a service call notification with the touch of a button. Custom messages can be sent to the service provider via text message, including a property’s address and requested service type.

Additional cellular service is required and is available through the Verizon network for nationwide U.S. coverage.
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