About Us

SensorSays is a Madison CompanySensorSays is the latest advance in sensor technology from Madison Company. Proud to be an American Manufacturer since 1959, Madison Company has enjoyed a rich tradition of innovation. The company began as a designer and manufacturer of reed switches, floats and liquid level switches for a variety of industries, and has grown to become a leader in liquid level technology. It has also expanded into complementary technologies, offering several sensor types and subsystem capabilities.

In 1999, Steve Schickler became President of Madison Company, succeeding his late father, William. Steve previously served as Director of Manufacturing and Engineering.

In an effort to address the ever-increasing demand for technologically advanced monitoring and detection capabilities, Madison has drawn on the depth and breadth of their 55+ years of engineered sensor design and application experience to develop a variety of wireless and cellular products, the latest being SensorSays.

“We have always tried to develop relationships of trust and cooperation
with our customers. Many of them look upon us as a long-term partner
and an extension of their product development teams.”
— Steve Schickler, President & Owner, Madison Company

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