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What is SensorSays?

The Affordable Around-the-Clock Notification System and Property Manager
Peace-of-mind, customized

SensorSays is a cellular notification system that will send an immediate text message to avert possible disaster and provide peace of mind. If a sensor is activated, it sends your pre-programmed text message alert to up to 3 contacts and, allows you to check the status 24/7 from the convenience of your cell phone.

It is like having an around-the-clock property manager to help protect your assets from costly water damage from sump or tank level problems; plumbing/foundation leaks; high/low temperature HVAC failure; unauthorized access and more.

Separate annual contract required. Peace of mind for less than $1/week.

SensorSays - The Affordable Around-the-Clock Notification System and Property Manager


SensorSays is as versatile as it is powerful.

Water Detection

Notifies you of a flood or leak with less than ¼” of water via a low profile conductivity sensor.

Sumps and Tanks

Level monitoring to protect against sump pump failure or high and low level alerts for critical tank level.

Temperature Control

Monitor your HVAC system or home temperature with High & Low temp notification.

Remote Assets

Use other sensors to be notified of unauthorized access or trouble when you’re not there.

Power Outages

Notifies you when power goes out & returns so you may know what has been affected.

Battery Backup

Onboard battery backup ensures you will receive notifications even during power outages.

Cellular Device Ready

Instant text messages, works with any mobile phone, more reliable than WiFi.


Do-it-yourself, service available within US Verizon network, on-line billing, 2 year warranty.

SensorSays offers you a complete sensor-based cellular notification system that can be installed and paired with most discrete sensors, to alert you with an immediate text message notification for your peace of mind. Combining your SensorSays unit with most any sensor or switch creates a smart sensor system to protect your asset or smart home. From personal asset protection to municipal alerts, the SensorSays unit provides customized text message alerts or status of your sensors via your cellular device.

Stay connected to your smart home or create smart sensors notify you the minute a sensor is tripped for water level detection / leak protection, sump pump failure, temperature monitoring, loss of power, unauthorized access or entry and more. Protect your home or business and create a 24/7 monitored system to alert up to 3 people of unwanted conditions. Our base unit includes 3 wired sensors and an onboard temperature sensor for leak protection, sump pump level monitoring and programmable temperature alerts. When you are away from your property for extended periods of time and need to know if there is a problem, SensorSays is the perfect solution.

“It’s like having a full-time property manager who will send a unique text message alert to avoid disaster.”

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